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High Ping spikes
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Subject: High Ping spikes
Posted by: westinbrodey of <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
Hello all,

So I recently got new internet and it wasnt all that bad and then I noticed unbearable lag in games I played on my xbox. So I did tons of reasearch on wifi channels and ports for my specific games and such. I tried everything and none of it helped. I messed around with my router and ran tests through Ping plotter and understood a lot. I would test from my phone to my router while I was gaming and watch the ping ms to start a proccess of elimination through testing IP adresses of my router and my ISP. Come to find out its my ISP I THINK. When I test my isp IP adress on my phone and game I get ping spikes of upwards of 1000ms+ every once in awhile. Only lasts about 2 sec on my phone but the spikes takes its time while im gaming or streaming a movie. Ill get warnings from a streaming movie at random saying I have low bandwith and its not enough to keep the movie going. Any help on what I should do? Is it really my ISP or could it be anything else?

Thank you

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