Promoting the sport of Lacrosse by providing youth coed lacrosse programs and activities in the Verona Wisconsin area for grades 3 through high school.

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Please follow the steps below to complete your registration:

NOTE:  Steps 1 and 2 are all completed as part of the VLC online coaching registration.

Step 1:  Complete the Verona Lacrosse Club online Coaching Registration.   REGISTER NOW

  • If you are new to Verona Lacrosse Club, you will need to create an account.  If you are a returning coach, you will need to log-in to begin the registration process.
  • During the registration process, you will be asked to join or renew your US Lacrosse Membership.  This cost is reimbursed by VLC.
  • If you have any problems completing the on-line VLC Coaches Registration process, please contact the Webmaster ( ).

Step 2:  Join, Renew or Confirm your US Lacrosse Membership ( - When you begin your registration on the VLC site, it will automatically redirect you to US Lacrosse to complete this Step.

  • The annual cost of your US Lacrosse membership is $55 and will be reimbursed upon request.
  • The VLC website will redirect you to to join/renew/confirm your membership.
  • 1st time coaches may need to create an account to join US Lacrosse, while returning coaches will be asked to renew their membership.
    • Your US Lacrosse membership number should automatically be linked to your VLC record if you are a returning coach.  However, if you do not remember your US Lacrosse membership number, click here for a listing.  Or, click here to look up your US Lacrosse Membership Number on the US Lacrosse website.
      • If you need to check on your credentials (certification status), Login, click on My Account, and then My Certifications on the Quick Links.
  • Please pay the above expenses personally via credit card.  If you wish to be reimbursed for the above costs, please detail your expenses paid and include any receipts or e-mail confirmations to the Treasurer ( ) or mail to VLC, P.O. Box 930548, Verona, WI  53593-0548. 

Step 3:  As part of the US Lacrosse Membership, you must also complete a NCSI Background Check.

  • NCSI Background.  US Lacrosse uses the services of the National Center for Safety Initiatives to screen members who participate with US Lacrosse in capacities that require a background screening.  This screening is required for USL member coaches to hold a current US Lacrosse coaching certification of any level and special events coaches and chaperones.  US Lacrosse will not accept screenings through other agencies. 
  • While the NCSI background check is good for two years, this process must still be completed annually.  There is no cost if the background check is complete via your US Lacrosse accont.
  • After you have joined or renewed your US Lacrosse Membership, log back into your US Lacrosse Account.  Select "Background Check" under Quick Links and follow the steps.
    • Is this your first time using NCSI for a background screen? 
      • If you are a first-time coach, indicate YES.  If you completed a background check previously or coached in any prior VLC season, indicate NO.
        • Do you have a valid U.S. Social Security Number?  Enter YES.
        • Then, just follow the instructions on the next several pages.
    • If you are a returning coach, and had a NCSI background check last year, the NCSI system should locate your information and simply conduct a second-year review.  If your background check from a prior year isn't up for renewal, the system may indicate that as well.
    • If you are a returning coach, and your NCSI background check is more than two years old, you will be asked to complete it again as background checks are only valid for two years.
    • If you previously renewed your US Lacrosse membership and already completed a background check, the system should be able to locate that information during the process.  
  • You will receive confirmation within a few days of the completion of your background screening.
  • Click here for additional details on the background check requirements of US Lacrosse. 


If you are already Level 1 Certified, you can stop here ... if not review Steps 4-6 to understand your next steps in becoming Level 1 Certified.

Step 4:  Complete the US Lacrosse Level 1 CEP on-line course and test AND for boys coaches the How to Make Proper Contact on-line course.  These courses are free to all US Lacrosse members.  



Step 5:  Complete the PCA Double Goal Coach 1 - Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons workshop course (on-line or sometimes a part of US Lacrosse Level 1 CEP workshop).  Select Option 2 for $30, and VLC will reimburse.
  • Course details
    • Online Option:
      • If you wish to be reimbursed for this course, please detail your expenses paid and include any receipts or e-mail confirmations to the Treasurer ( ) or mail to VLC, P.O. Box 930548, Verona, WI  53593-0548.
    • Live Course:  The live course may also be available and offered locally as part of a Level 1 CEP workshop.  Click here for a listing.


Step 6:  Attend a US Lacrosse Level 1 CEP workshop.  This is an instructional in-person clinic offered nationwide and registration costs are reimbursed.  This step must be completed within 16 months of an individual coaching their first Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation (WLF) sanctioned event.  These clinics are typically held in the spring in local locations.   Click here for a listing.


The above on-line courses give youth parents the preparation they need to understand and teach the sport of lacrosse, while also understanding the underlying goals and philosophy of US Lacrosse.  If you are interested in becoming a youth coach, simply start by completing the on-line coaching registration.  

If you're just not quite sure of the commitment and/or have an interest in simply helping out at practices, consider talking to other coaches or attend an Open Gym or Practice.  This is a great opportunity to talk to some other coaches, and to see first-hand the instruction process.

Level 2 and Level 3 certifications are also available for those wishing to take their coaching skills to the next level.  See US Lacrosse website for these certification requirements.

If you have any questions about youth coaching and related requirements, contact your Youth Age Level Director or the Youth Council Chairman.  See Club contacts on left menu for contact information.