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The following are a collection of articles and items that have appeared on the Verona Lacrosse Club website, highlighting the 2011 Boys HS Varsity Division 1 State Championship.

Verona vs MUHS Game Highlights

For the video of the full game, click here: full game tape

Verona wins the state championship!

Verona 9 - Marquette 8

Game Blog - courtesy of the Lax Masters at

Tonights match up features the Verona Wildcats against the Marquette University High School Hilltoppers in a rematch of last years finals.

Tonights starting matchups:


  • A 1 James Tjarksen
  • A 4 Jack Sullivan
  • A 11 Joey Schultz
  • M 7 Will Conley
  • M 14 Rudy Berg
  • LSM 35 Ben Mauer
  • D 3 Bill Klemmer
  • D 6 Patrick Laird
  • D 8 Nick Richlen
  • G 5 Mike Walker


  • A 3 Dalton O'Connell-Zradicka
  • A 19 Parker Horvath
  • A 21 Vince Wright
  • M 10 Zack Russell
  • M 27 Ian Novotny
  • LSM 33 Zach Pedretti
  • D 9 Paul Romens
  • D 22 Kevin Miller
  • D 25 Alex Hoslet
  • G 16 Sam Becker

First Quarter

  • Athletes taking the field now. Opening faceoff in just a few minutes.
  • Berg and Novotny at the faceoff X.
  • Berg wins the opening draw and starts the Marquette offense.
  • Quick turnover and Verona now playing offense. Russell generates a solid look, Verona possesses. 10:30 remaining.
  • Walker with a huge save and Marquette clears despite a tough Verona ride. Jack Sullivan quickly turns it into a goal for Marquette from PJ Dallman. 1-0 Marquette, 9:43 in the first.
  • Balls goes up and down a few times, sloppy sticks across the field, Marquette finally settles in with 7:50 in the first.
  • Verona with its third turnover but a tough ride prevails, Coach Meyer calls a timeout after the Wildcats settle in offense, 6:56 left in the first.
  • Verona longpole Hoslet brings it all the way into the offense and takes a shot just wide. 6:00 left in the first.
  • Big save from Verona goalie Sam Becker, Verona clears with 4:10 left in the first.
  • Jack Sullivan gets his second goal of the game off a great draw and dump from Tjarksen. 2-0 Marquette with 2:56 left in the first quarter.
  • Russell with a 1:00 minute slash at 1:58 left in the first.
  • Marquette runs out of a 1-3-2, Dallman sneaks one up from up top to Jack Sullivan for his third goal of the night. 3-0 Marquette with 1:13 remaining

And thats the first quarter. Marquette dominating time of possession and ground balls. Jack Sullivan has a hat trick after one quarter, and Dallman with two assists. Second quarter coming up!

Second Quarter:

  • Novotny wins the opening faceoff of the second quarter, Verona controls.
  • Verona with yet another turnover, story of the game for the Wildcats so far, 10:55 remaining in the first.
  • Tjarksen throws the ball away under pressure, Verona clears and immediately turns the ball over. Marquette back with possession. 9:00 remaining in the second.
  • Dallman with a great look and an even better save from Becker. Verona on offense with 8:02 remaining in the 2nd.
  • Russell with a great rip puts Verona on the board. 3-1 Marquette with 8:13 remaining.
  • This one is heating up, Verona and Marquette with about a 10 man scuffle at the midfield, officials break it up. 7:46 remaining in the second.
  • Unreal Verona transition followed by a great save from Walker! Still 3-1 with 7:22 remaining.
  • Big hit from Will Conley on Novotny and the refs call it illegal. Crowd goes insane.
  • Novotny gets it back as he scores unassisted at the 5:53 mark. 3-2 Marquette.
  • Marquette calls a timeout after winning the faceoff. 5:43 left in the second.
  • Walker stuffs O'Connell on the doorstep. 4:02 remaining.
  • Russell slices the Marquette defense for his second goal of the night, once again unassisted. Game tied 3-3 with 2:52 remaining in the second.
  • Coach Meyer with a timeout, 1:30 remaining in the half.

And the second half ends at a 3-3 tie. Verona seems to have found a new light, as they won the second quarter 3-0. First half stats:

  • Marquette: Jack Sullivan 3G
  • Marquette PJ Dallman 2A
  • Marquette James Tjarksen 1A
  • Verona Zack Russell 2G
  • Verona Ian Novotny 1G

Third Quarter:

  • Novotny wins the opening draw.
  • Kevin Miller in the box for Verona and Marquette quickly capitalizes on EMO on a goal from James Tjarksen. 4-3 Marquette with 10:04 remaining in the third.
  • It appears Tjarksen has ripped the net.
  • Parker Horvath with a great take but once again Walker turns him away on his fifth save of the night. 8:45 remaining in the third.
  • James Tjarksen swims his man and finds Joey Schultz for the goal. 5-3 Marquette with 8:02 remaining in the third quarter.
  • Verona goes two men down with Romens and Hoslet in the box.
  • Verona kills both penalties but Marquette with possession.
  • Marquette throws the ball away, Verona gives it right back but wins the race to the end line after a Marquette shot. 3:45 remaining.
  • Nick Richlen with a slash, Verona will be up for 1:00.
  • Novotny coming to life tonight, scoring his second goal of the night. 5-4 Marquette with 1:43 remaining.
  • Verona scores again on great transition, Horvath to O'Connell. 5-5 with 1:11 remaining.
  • Verona again with a goal and taking the lead for the first time in the game. Russell to Horvath, 6-5 Verona with 1:03 remaining. Thats three goals in 30 seconds for Verona.
  • Verona again with a goal, this time its Russell inverted from X. Verona now up 7-5 with 42 seconds in the third.
  • Marquette with a timeout. Thats four goals in just about one minute for those of you not wanting to do the math at home.
  • Novotny with a slash, Marquette man up for 1:00.
  • Fourth quarter over, Marquette still up.

Fourth Quarter

  • Slow fourth quarter. Romens gets a slash at the 9:03 mark. Marquette will go on EMO for one minute.
  • Dallman blasts one past Becker on the man up. 7-6 Verona with 8:48 left in the game.
  • Goalie Becker loses the ball at the restrainer and Jack Sullivan quickly picks it up and dumps it in the net. Game tied 7-7 with 8:04 remaining.
  • Horvath scores falling away in transition from Jesse Palmer. Verona now up 8-7 with 7:40 remaining.
  • Great up and down and a HUGE save from Becker! Verona still up by one with 5:10 remaining. Absolutely great game.
  • Tjarksen scores on a dodge from X to tie the game with 3:57 remaining
  • Dalton O'Connell Zradicka scores with 2 minutes left to put Verona in front. The goal came when Parker Horvath shot, and forced a rebound in front of the crease.
  • What a game! Marquette has the ball and is down by a goal with 1:34 remaining in the game
  • Verona holds on! They are the 2011 state champions with a 9-8 victory over Marquette! What a thrilling finish, Verona keeper Sam Becker made the save of the game with only a few seconds remaining in the game. Congratulations to the 2011 Wisconsin Division I Champs: the Verona Wildcats.


The Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation announced the 2011 Boys High School All State Team, as well as Player of the Year, Coach of the Year and All American selections.

Congratulations to all of the Verona Wildcat First Team All State Members, along with the Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, and All American!

Dalton O'Connell-Zradicka (Verona Area)

Zachary Russell (Verona Area)

Paul Romens (Verona Area)

Zachary Pedretti (Verona Area)

Division 1 Player of the Year:
Paul Romens (Verona Area)

Coach of the Year:
Mark Meyer (Verona Area)

All Americans:
Paul Romens (Verona Area)


The Madison Area Lacrosse Association (MALA) is proud to announce the 2011 All Conference Selections and Player of the Year Awards. Congradulations to the Verona Area High School athletes receiving honors as voted on by the conference coaches.

2011 Madison Area Lacrosse Association Boys High School All-Conference Teams  
RED Conference
Player of the Year Paul Romens Verona Area
Assistant Coach of the Year Kevin Bice Verona Area
1st Team All-Conference
Attack Dalton O'Connell Zradicka Verona Area
Midfield Zachary Russell Verona Area
Defense Paul Romens Verona Area
  Kevin Miller Verona Area
Specialist Zachary Pedretti Verona Area
2nd Team All-Conference
Attack Parker Horvath Verona Area
Midfield Ian Novotny Verona Area